Manual Mockups and Samples

Due to my work with a defense contractor, I am unable to provide a sample of my work with ISPA, Inc.— Supplier Support for Lockheed Martin. My Nondisclosure agreement with Dymeng Services, Inc. prevents me from delivering work samples. Therefore, I created this page to present a sample of an interactive standard operating procedures (SOP) manual that incorporates internal and external user manuals. Abbreviated mockups of a Software Development Kit (SDK) and application programming interface (API) documentation are visible as well.

SDK with API

As a technical writer, not all the roles I have accepted include the words “Technical Writer,” but my work products are a variety of interactive technical documentation for multiple departments. For instance, working as a Documentation Specialist and QA Analyst, I designed and maintained interactive user manuals and edited SDKs. The user manuals were uploaded to online sites consisting of text with corresponding photos, quick start videos and how-to videos. SDKs consisted of backend architecture applications, processing platforms, glossaries, flowcharts, swimlane diagrams, conventions, guides, and formats, frameworks, conventions, operation guides, developer platforms, monitoring applications, and project landscapes. API guidelines were used to provide overviews of usage, step-by-step instructions, coding examples, and input and output simulations. Interactive Resume Addition Software Development Kit (SDK) with API and How-to Video

Abridged SOP

As a Documentation Specialist of The Oak House—a coworking and event space—I communicated with the Director and reviewed internal and external sources to create an interactive standard operating procedures (SOP) manual. While working as a technical writer for a supplier to Lockheed Martin (ISPA, Inc.), my main task was editing and writing maintenance, flight, and structure manuals for print using SGML code.

The Oak House’s abridged standard operating procedures (SOP) manual

Additional Writing Samples

Business Product Marketing Proposal

Web Content Creation