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I began writing creatively at age twelve after years of sitting in my closet and reading with a flashlight. I am not sure why I sat in the closet and read. It might have been my need to block out my life and put myself in the shoes of the “The Boxcar Children” or Laura Ingles Wilder’s “Little House” stories. I might have felt the need to immerse myself into Jules Verne’s adventurous tales. Stories took me places. And before long, I wanted and needed to share my stories, my adventures, and my fantasies with others.

Even though I started a technical career path in high school, I could never stop writing. I would write poems and stories in my calculus class and other classes. Classmates paid me to write love poems for special occasions.

When I started working, I wrote anytime the hourglass rotated on the screen. So, I found ways to write at work. If they needed a document, a written explanation, or anything that involved writing, I would research the document type on the internet or MS Word document template database. Either way, I would figure out how to properly create the document, and I would write it. Then I would have someone review it.

Regardless of my job or current position, my career is that of a writer. The documents that I produce are of assistance to the department or other employees. The documents include step-by-step job manuals, process manuals, software testing steps and results, and job descriptions. I am and always have been compelled to help others with my writing abilities. Writing is my superpower.


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